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Best Cyprus Property Services.:.biggest property company cyprusand property cyprus - real estate investment cyprus. Property sale in cyprus, buy properties in cyprus, Sea property, cyprus holiday rental, A name with value and reliability - Best cyprus property- cyprus real estate company was established and offer the most comprehensive service buying properties- real estate abroad (Cyprus, Bulgaria and other upcoming Eastern European markets). Best of Cyprus Property Services is part a group companies based in UK, Cyprus and Bulgaria.

our property in Cyprus properties and other real estate sales are through our property listing: l0171 |l0172 |l0173 |l0174 |l0175 |l0176 |l0177 |l0178 |l0179 |l0300 |l0301 |l0302 |l0303 |l0304 |l0305 |l0306 |l0307 |l0308 |l0309 |l0310 |l0311 |l0312 |l0313 |l0314 |l0315 |l0316 |l0317 |l0318 |l0319 |l0320 Why Best cyprus Property and Bulgaria? - Best cyprus property- cyprus real estate company is an independent company- cyprus Real estate Company that collaborate with the most reliable developers. The developers and best of cyprus property service - cyprus real estate services represents companies with structure, stability and many years building experience - Refundable Inspection Flight and Viewing Tripsa maximum EUR 700 if you book the trip and buy through Best cyprus - Clients are always collected from the airport by a Best cyprus Property Services Representative and taken to their hotel. The representative will be contactable throughout your stay - 1 year Free Rental and After Sales service - Reliable and good value property in cyprus - real estate selection throughout the country - "Acceptable cyprusn property - cyprus real estate prices"- Probably the lowest property Prices in Europe! cyprus holiday rental, accommodation cyprus, property cyprus- real estate cyprus
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COMPANY cyprus, biggest company cyprus, property company cyprus, real estate company cyprus Our Company Philosophy :act as a representative for you the Customer, putting ourselves into your position, and providing comprehensive services and advicethe standards we would expect to receive ourselves. a service that you will recommend to your friends.Best cyprus Property Services and Best Cyprus Property. Our company offers a range additional services - make your purchase easier. Our aim - cover all aspects buying your home.
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Best cyprus Property Services offers also an inspection trip for 5 days
Normally the inspection trip lasts 5 days our sales reps will come to meet you and discuss your property - cyprus real estate needs. Based on the discussion he will show you some property - cyprus real estate matches. case you decide to proceed with a purchase we will be with you every step the way - from opening a bank account and hiring a solicitor, through keeping you informed on the property - cyprus real estate progress. On delivery we will offer you a comprehensive After Sales Services including property - cyprus real estate management and maintenance.Full property service
The inspection trip price is STG 120 per person for purchase over GBP 50 000 through us. Our inspection trips are personalized, and you will have access to your own representative during your stay in cyprus . invest property in cyprus, sale property in cyprus, rent property in cyprus, let properties in cyprus, buy properties in cyprus, property service, buy property service, use property service, full property service, cyprus properties service, cyprus company with full property service, best property service, cyprus property , cyprus real estate service is the best cyprus property service for our clients!
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Villa in Tsada Golf Course, Polis Area
  Cyprus Property in Polemi   Apartments in Mazotos Village   Apartments in Larnaca, Avgoulla 15   Kallepia Luxury Villas in Paphos, Cyprus  

Price: CYP132,500
District: Polis Area
Type: SD Villa


District: Polemi
Type: Bungalow

Price: CYP42,000
District: Larnaca
Type: Apartments

District: Larnaca
Type: Apartments

District: Paphos
Type: Bungalow

Best of Cyprus Property Services (Cyprus Houses for Sale - Cyprus Villas for Sale)


A name with value and reliability, KBM Best of Cyprus Ltd was established in early 1999 to offer the most comprehensive service in buying property abroad (in Cyprus and other developing Eastern European markets, such as Bulgaria - Bulgaria Property). Today, Best of Cyprus offers a 'one stop shop' of services from initial search, through to closing the sale and beyond, including :

Gained from our experience of handling many varied requirements from our clients, we are now able to source advice on such subjects as:
Taxation, schooling, pet transport, medical and health care, cost of living, leisure and hobby activities , learning Greek, employment, gardening and other relocation items.

Best of Cyprus Provides a comprehensive, professional and pleasant service to overseas Property buyers, whether investors, home - seekers or holiday - makers.

Buy Property in Cyprus with Confidence - (Cyprus Property Developer)

Best of Cyprus is an independent company, working closely with only a select few of the most reliable tried and tested Cyprus property developers, who offer proven quality, pedigree, structure, stability and many years of property building experience.

The Cyprus Property Market (Cyprus Property - Why people buy Cyprus Real Estate)

Entry into the E.U. in May 2004 brought with it de - regulation, making off - plan property development in Cyprus probably at present, the best investment opportunity in Europe. Restrictions on foreign ownership have now been lifted, greatly improving accessibility to the property Cyprus market. This benefit to overseas buyers has given a ' window of opportunity ' presently, of good value prices, forecast to rise rapidly and with stability, both as a result of EU Accession and increase in demand.

The island has:

  • Highly developed technological facilities, recently ranked 3rd in the world for quality.
  • A safe and efficient Legal System based on the British System.
  • One of the lowest personal and corporate taxation in the world (treaties for double taxation with over 40 countries including UK).
  • A lower cost of living than many EU countries including UK.
  • A year round warm climate, beach and mountains leisure facilities, excellent scenery, welcoming people, left hand drive, English the 2nd language and a modern infrastructure alongside fascinating history.


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